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Product Name: Female Bodybuilding Program to Transform Your Body

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Attention All Women of ALL Body Shapes Who Want a Female Bodybuilding Program to Transform…

What if you could have the PERFECT female bodybuilding program mapped out of YOUR specific body type, designed in such a way that you were guaranteed results? Let’s face it… You made it THIS far on this site, so you have SOME interest in muscle building and taking your physique to the next level.

Now, imagine what it would be like to have the POWER, STRENGTH, and ENERGY you need to train ALL-OUT in the gym, with the confidence that you are making progress each and every workout. Can you FEEL your muscles contracting through every rep? Feel your muscles get harder and STRONGER.

If you can see the image and feel that feeling of Raw Power, then you are just seconds away from actually getting those results you wanted for so long.

You see… There’s a RIGHT WAY to train for your body type and there’s a WRONG WAY to train for your body type. I can GUARANTEE you that 99.97% of the muscle-building programs available are designed for hard-gainer men. This means only skinny males will heed the results.

And, chances are you have probably invested in some of those programs and in the end, were left disappointed with the lack of results…

My name is Karen Sessions and I’ve been where you are… I was also stuck with my dieting and training and became COMPLETELY frustrated from not getting ANY results, despite ALL the hard work I put in.

You see… I started bodybuilding in 1988, putting in HOURS of weight training in the gym and closely watching my diet, only to be left at square one month after month.

I even read ALL the popular bodybuilding magazines including Flex, MuscleMag, Ironman, Muscle & Fitness in hopes to unlocking the key to building strong and sexy muscle that I so desperately wanted.

After YEARS of study, research, trial-and-error, working with top-level amateurs and Pros I was able to BREAK the Natural Bodybuilding Code to build beautiful feminine muscle and shed body fat… And the changes that came after my SHOCKING discovery were nothing short of AMAZING!

My journey of breaking the muscle gain / fat loss code was long and it was hard… but it WORKED and it worked FAST. Until now, no one on the outside has a clue about what I did to make such great muscle gains, while dropping body fat at the same time.

I was receiving TONS of e-mails every day from women AND MEN, asking me for diet and training advice, help, and programs. I would literally spend HOURS answering countless e-mails and PM’s on forums. I finally gathered myself and decided to put my ALL my years of bodybuilding research and trial-and-error into an easy-to-read simple system to deliver the EXACT sameresults.

That’s right… I have Jam-Packed ALL my knowledge into this unique female bodybuilding program to ensure muscle growth in the shortest amount of time simply by applying the techniques suggested. This system is Iron Dolls.

Users of Iron Dolls report INSANE muscle gain in RECORD time. My inbox is CONSTANTLY filled with satisfied customers thrilled with their immediate bodybuilding and fat loss success.

Karen Sessions – Author of Iron Dolls – Female Bodybuilding Secrets

Sure, no doubt you’ve heard these claims before one too many times, right? But keep reading, because every single claim I make is backed by rock-solid proof… Read on to see what I’m talking about…

Did you know that there is a 20 minute window RIGHT AFTER your weight training session when your muscles primed for growth? Most people put 110% into their training, yet FAIL to Capitalize on this 20 minute growth window, and in doing so, they NEVER make desired muscle or strength gains.

In Iron Dolls I’ll share with you how to QUICKLY and EASILY take advantage of this post-training growth window. The simple step of OPTIMIZING your post-training meal can BOOST your recovery to catapult muscle gains so fast your head will spin. This means Twice The Muscle Gains In Half The Time!

Just think about it… Implementing this female bodybuilding program and its concepts you will have a dramatic impact on your body transformation success and will have you turning heads in just weeks.

Just think about the jealous stares you will be getting from everyone!

If so, you are an Ectomorph, and luckily most muscle-building programs are designed with YOU in mind, BUT PRIMARILY your male counterpart.

The problem with traditional muscle-building programs and the Female Ectomorph is, the diet is too high in calories and cardio is nonexistent.

To make a body transformation, you will heed much better results with a diet BALANCED for YOUR body type, shape, and structure, and you can even BENEFIT from some gentle cardio from time to time. This female bodybuilding program is your answer to building muscle.

If you have inherited an athletic build you are among the lucky few known as the Mesomorph. Can you benefit from a muscle-building program? Of course, but you need the RIGHT ONE for your Specific Genetics. Many muscle-building programs aren’t designed for you, so following them may leave you disappointed when it comes to the results you want.

There aren’t many, if any, programs available for you, UNTIL NOW. Now you can have the prefect outline to map out your diet to the letter, follow appropriate training suited for your genetic needs, and know exactly how to tailor cardio so you don’t eat up that precious muscle mass you have. This female bodybuilding program is your answer to building that perfect physique.

Like most Endomorphs, there are NO muscle-building programs for you. You will either find programs designed for the hard-gainer man, which will pack on more pounds OR you will have to seek out a weight loss program. You have been having to play one side of the spectrum or the other…

Until Now… I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of women of all body types and shapes and have successfully decoded the ideal muscle-building program for the Female Endomorph. This female bodybuilding program is your answer to lowering your body fat while adding muscle.

“I have thoroughly read through Karen Sessions blockbuster female bodybuilding program, ‘Iron Dolls’ and can’t help but recommend for its wealth of pure and simple unsurpassed training and nutritional information, as it relates to females who are interested in transforming their physiques. I have a tremendous respect for Karen Sessions expertise in the bodybuilding and fitness field and I enthusiastically invite all females and/or personal one to one trainers (who work with women) to purchase Karen’s no nonsense eBook ‘Iron Dolls’ ”

Best wishes in all of your training endeavors,

Dennis B. Weis
Author of Mass! Raw Muscle & Anabolic Muscle Mass
MuscleMag International Columnist

“Iron Dolls isn’t for women only. But, if you are a female enthusiast or a beginning athlete this might be just what you need. You’d think who else is more qualified to teach body transformation science other than a successful female athlete, who has done it all?

In her book Karen teaches you nutrition, resistance training, resting, supplementation. And it doesn’t stop there. She goes further to teach you things like how to get out of or avoid plateaus, and even how to manipulate your own hormone production for better, and desirable biological responses. Most of all, Iron Dolls is written in a language that we all can understand.”

Ivan Nikolov
Natural Bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Consultant

“If you’re female and truly want to maximize your muscle and ripthe fat off your body, Iron Dolls is definitely a must-have book. Karen has put together a phenomenal resource tailored specifically to the unique training needs of women. She’s got the experience, the know-how and a HUGE number of client success stories to back her up.

Karen has an approach to training that closely parallels my own – get your results with intense and intelligent training, back it up with quality nutrition, and use supplements to enhance and the support the effects of both. Bottom line: follow Karen’s advice and you WILL get results.”

Nick Nilsson
BetterU, Inc.

“I have known Karen for several years now. I’ve seen her build muscle on women, diet them down and help them to get in the best shape of their lives.

Karen knows exactly what works and has documented it in full detail in Iron Dolls. This is female bodybuilding program is jam-packed with great information that works. If you haven’t read it yet, you need to!”

Julie Soar
Certified Personal Trainer
Business Owner

“As a fitness professional and working out in gyms all over theworld, I’ve seen it all!

But let me tell you about a few “issues” I have to get off my chest…

1.) I’m a wee bit sick and tired of hitting the gym and watching chunky, overweight personal trainers trying to instruct people on how to “lose weight”…

2.) I get a little peeved at watching men AND women try to change the look of their bodies by using the WRONG exercises and doing them the WRONG way…

3.) And it REALLY burns me up when I see male fitness trainers without a clue, trying to train WOMEN like they train themselves!

The fact is, if you’re a woman and you’re looking for a lean, tight body and not afraid of a little muscle along the way, you better be listening to someone who’s lived the training and has seen REAL results!

Karen Sessions’ “Iron Dolls” is the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide I’ve seen that practically hands you your new body on a silver platter(just add sweat and a few extra groans to make it look harder ;-).

Bottom line…if you’re a woman who wants to secretly smile inside because you know that group of men you just passed are STILL WATCHING…”Iron Dolls” is the program that will get you there!”

The “Muscle Nerd”
Jeff Anderson
Natural Bodybuilder & Fitness Consultant

So you want the perfect body? The reality is that you have to work hard for perfection. Muscle definition doesn’t just appear magically. Fat doesn’t just burn away on it’s own. Your dedication and motivation is what will bring you that perfect body.

That is what I learned when I read the eBook called Iron Dolls. The author, fitness expert and successful female bodybuilder Karen Sessions, focuses on muscle gains with 100% natural approaches, while really digging deep with proper nutritional facts.

I liked how it offers knowledge for either beginners or more advanced bodybuilders. The eBook makes it very clear that it is important to not compare yourself to others but to accept the way your body performs and the results you see from proper nutrition and training.

Iron Dolls female bodybuilding program directs individuals by using raw ingredients to build muscle. Sessions focuses on the quality over anything else. Using natural athleticism is the key factor when striving to reach goals. Having the right attitude will propel you pass any average person.

The eBook pays specific attention to all aspects for one to achieve perfection. These aspects are proper nutrition, resistance training, prepping the muscles for growth with nutrients to manipulate certain hormones, resting for proper growth and using natural supplements to assist in growth and recovery such as creatine and glutamine.

Other areas that I learned from in the eBook were about how to burst through muscle growth. Each muscle group was covered in-depth on how to effectively train. I also was interested to learn about carb-cycling for fat loss for when it’s time to diet down, while covering implement and manipulate cardio to ignite fat loss at the same time.

I learned a lot from the female bodybuilding program, Iron Dolls! I can see that through experience and hard work, Karen Session’s understands how to build muscle and do it the right way. The eBook is primarily for the woman who want to build awesome muscle and strength, however it also covers the dieting aspect. That’s a great combination! I highly recommend this ebook for anyone that is looking to increase muscle definition and live a healthy lifestyle.

The ONLY other thing you need is simple determination, and if you made it this far, you have it so let’s get you started on your first week, shall we?

If you are READY to take the bull by the horns and really build some natural female muscle that will get you noticed at the gym, at the beach, and even on the competitive stage, you NEED this system. Hands down, there’s no other on the market like it.

With this eBook you’ll be able to Build Muscle AND Confidence you need to take your physique to the next level:

1. Build sexy muscle that turns heads
2. Triple your metabolism with added lean muscle mass
3. Burn calories three times faster
4. Improve all your lifts across the board

…In addition to my Iron Dolls eBook I’m offering, for a limited time, cool, additional, female bodybuilding components…

This Body Type Training eBook will identify YOUR Personal Body Type to you can start the proper training program designed for your unique physique.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if you are an Ectomorph, Mesomorph, OR Endomorph… Regardless of your personal body type and shape, you have a customized training program for YOUR specific body type and needs.

This is a HUGE Database of the BEST exercises to include in your training program.

Each exercise from arms to abs has colored photos along with a complete description of how to execute each lift.

It is organized so you can easily exchange one exercise for another if you are lacking equipment due to traveling or just want a quick change-up.

Think I’m going to leave you hanging and provide training only? While that is the concept of the program, I have added an easy-to-follow Calories and Macros Guide so you can Quickly and Easily find the number of calories, protein, fat, and carbs you need to get your muscle-building job done with out added all that extra bulk weight that comes along with most muscle-building programs.

No more lost in the numbers. I’ll guide you all the way.

Ya gotta eat if you want to build sexy, head-turning muscle. So, I created this easy to use Meal Planner so you can Quickly and Easily create your own meals to go with your muscle-training program.

This is set up so you know exactly when to eat, how to place each macro nutrient in your diet for it’s best effect.

Bodybuilding has never been easier…

I’m also including a huge Food Catalog eBook so you can have first-hand access to all the best muscle-building foods as well as the energy-based foods, and the fat-burning foods.

It’s all listed here for you and this eBook works on conjunction with the Meal Planner and the Calories and Macros eBook to bring you the absolute BEST nutrition plan for your muscle-building goals.

I’m also tossing in 9 EXCLUSIVE Bonus Reports that cover everything from controlling that nagging cellulite to the secrets to those shocking “before” and “after” photos you see all the time.

Also included is a cool one-month diet plan that you can implement to get ready for anything in just 30 days and the truth about spot reduction. Is it real or just a myth… This report just might shock you.

Lastly, I’ll be sending you updated customized training programs routinely that are mapped out precisely for YOUR body type.

This way we can keep your training progressive and fresh to constantly overstep any sneaky plateaus.

That’s right. I thought of everything and pulled out all the stops. It’s time YOU finally transform no matter what your body shape is.

How much would you expect to pay to receive 30+ years of female bodybuilding information, that others are unwilling to share, that actually WORKS on increasing your muscle mass easily and naturally, noticing results in just a weeks?

Considering the amount of muscle you are likely to build by taking advantage of these female bodybuilding techniques and secrets, certainly hundreds of dollars would not be unreasonable. But relax, you won’t have to pay near that much to receive these bodybuilding secrets.

Here’s What I’m Prepared To Offer You…

But, you must hurry… This special introductory offer will not last long. This is much too valuable and in too much demand to keep it at this ridiculous low price!


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Click here to get Female Bodybuilding Program to Transform Your Body at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Female Bodybuilding Program to Transform Your Body is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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